Show Time

My show, along with 3 Canadian artist residents in Vallauris was well attended, especially with local artists, and many were complimentary of my work. The setting was in the Cabanon, a small well lit gallery complete with red carpet at the entrance. Some individual pieces that were exhibited.. We were all pleased with what we […]

A Hike to Remember

I am in Vernazza Italy in a region called Cinque Terre. Vernazza is one of 5 quaint villages along the coast and, along with the town of Manarola, one that I have done paintings of. The area is beautiful and I set out today to hike between these 2 enchanting villages. I took the long […]

A Roman Birthday

For my birthday I went to 3 cities that featured some of this the oldest and best preserved of Roman ruins. First stop Nimes to see the arena where gladiators fought in earlier centuries and now host bullfights. It is a formidable structure, beautiful and imposing. I spent the afternoon touring  it and had dinner […]

The train to Entreveaux

I took a narrow gauge train ride from Nice and gently climbed north north through villages  until we came to the enchanting town of Entreveaux. Entreveaux rests at the base of a rocky mountain with the river Var snaking around it. Weathered pine, flowers and shrubs of anise spring from the stoney terrain all around […]

Artfully French

In the studio here in Vallauris I started working as I always have with Terra cotta clay and bas relief, but have wanted for years to find a more open approach and more contemporary look to my work. I don’t want to abandon what I have spent the last 15 years developing, but expand the […]

Oh and laundry

This is the scene outside my window, and typically people hang their clothes from windows to dry. There are spikes on the gutters above to prevent the ubiquitous pigeon population from sitting upon their thrones on high and selectively pooping over your fresh laundry. So thinking this is a good idea I hung my tidy […]

St Paul Dr Vence

This walled medieval hill town provided me with tons of photo opportunities beginning at the 13’the century entrance gate through it’s narrow winding streets ending at the cemetery where the artist Marc Chagall is buried. There are many side streets to wander down with beautiful flowers growing from slender vines out of tiny pots and […]

The Grand Canyon of France

I shared a rental car with 2 other artists’ in residence and went to the Gorges de Verdun, which is called the Grand Canyon of France. It is spectacular, but not as deep or wide as our own, with very quaint villages along the way. From Vallauris I went through the town of Grasse which […]

A day in Nice

I went to the older part of Nice and visited it’s market where fresh vegetables, fruit, olives, cheeses, pastries, pies, spices, jams, flowers, mushrooms, and all sorts of other delicious and wonderful items were sold from market stalls. Along the street restaurants were serving enticing menus while people took a leisure lunch and watched the […]


Today I went to a show at the local Picasso museum and got inspired by the work of several artists. Vallauris has been a great center for ceramics and Picasso worked here for a number of years decorating ceramic vessels that he had made for him by a local pottery. His confidence is apparent in […]